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    Homewares by Sian Thomas

    The influenced of everyday ceramic pieces remembered from my childhood has been my inspiration and the basis for my designs. I began creating objects that follows the old rule “form follows function”, more than 30 years ago.

    Much commercial homeware does not necessarily apply to this rule, for example: a 250gram of butter needs to fit in a covered dish without cutting the butter.

    I enjoy making aesthetically pleasing everyday objects that are a joy to use and display in the kitchen. I live and work in the Blue Mountains where my studio is based.

    ????????All work is made from porcelain. ??

    Sian Thomas.

    Posting only available in Australia.

    More details available on each item by clicking images below

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    Posting only available within Australia. 


    $60 Green Butter Bell Rosette pattern


    $50 Royal blue Rosette Dish



    $70 Royal blue Mixing bowls set??


    $50 Mint Berry colander



    $45 Royal Blue Egg crates



    $30 Mint Rosette cups (240mls)

    $35 Citrus Juicer


    ??????????????????$50 Mint Butter Bell



    $25 Mint Pasta Bowls


    $25 Milk Jug (140mls)


    $60 Royal Blue Cow Bell



    ????????$30 Mint half egg crates (7)


    $85 Salt Cellar


    $35 Green Coffee cup 300mls

    $55 Mint Sugar Bowl


    $40 Green Cheese Platter



    $50 Royal Blue Paw Buter Dish



    $50 Hand painted butter Bell


    $ 30 Fluted Cup


    $35 Hand painted tea cup (240mls)

    ??????????$50 Garlic Pot











    ??????????????????????????????????????$ 220 Hand painted bread boxes


















    Phone: 0410665454


    Hawkesbury Regional Gallery
    First floor, Deerubbin Center, 300 George Street, Windsor NSW 2756

    The Bay Tree
    82 Queen Street
    Woollahra NSW 2025
    T: 02 9328 1101

    Lyttleton Store
    1/2 Badgery Cres, Lawson NSW 2783

    Station Street Store
    Station Street

    Blue Mountains Cultural Centre
    35 Park Street.
    Katoomba NSW 2780







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